URGENT GOFUNDME: Send Geoengineering Activist to AAAS Conference

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


AAAS Annual Meeting – Feb 12 – 16 February 2015, San Jose, CA 

Mr Max BlissHello friends…. following the success of the Berlin Climate Engineering Conference… it has been suggested that we attend as many climate conferences as possible, particularly those linked to climate engineering to represent a growing public concern.

There are important conferences coming up soon in San Jose- USA(Feb), Cambridge- UK (March) and Paris- France (July)  before the December UN Climate Treaty signing in Paris. These lead up conferences  are so important that many have suggested that must be attended in order to have our concerns raised and continue our efforts to contest the establishments agendas. We have no funds left as my 3 years plus full time activism and research has drained our personal resources but we are so close to the  global political changes such as Agenda 21 or the UN Climate…

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