Not Waving But Drowning: UN Agenda 21 and the Designer Floods of Britain

Reclaiming Sovereignty

You may be only just now waking up and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes to the news that the recent flooding of Britain is the result of EU policies to deliberately create wetlands in the UK ….. and that is shocking enough. For some, it’s been about as traumatic as when you discover that Father Christmas is actually your Dad. So then, to have to go on to learn that these EU directives are being driven by something deeply sinister, known as UN Agenda 21, may be more than you can take.  If so, please don’t worry. Go and have a lie down…. but bookmark this page first, so that you can return later, hopefully with a nice of mug of tea and a chocolate biscuit, because this is really growing up time now.

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Patriot News

FINALLY… a serious article about chemtrails in a major city newspaper.

A quote from the Las Vegas Tribune Chemtrail  article by Marcus K. Dalton:

“Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail sickness” associated with heavy spray days leaving many stricken people complaining of the “flu” and acute allergic reactions months after the flu season has ended. Upper and lower respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments remain unusually high in many spray areas, along with debilitating fatigue – and something even more worrying.

What’s going on?

Thomas is convinced that we are under “deliberate biological attack” by agents known only to top military and government officials responsible for permitting continuing over-flights by unmarked spray aircraft.”

19 August 2005
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas
Part 1
Marcus K. Dalton

Las Vegas Tribune
Volume 7 Issue 3

Editor’s Note: Las Vegas residents are increasingly noticing the appearance…

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